Dropcam Pro Wi Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera

Dropcam Wi Fi Wireless

Surveillance has never been this good

Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring camera offers a premium monitoring experience. The camera makes surveillance all around your home at all-time stunning. Equipped with advanced technology and capability, you will get an exclusive surveillance experience around your premises.

HD streaming

The dropcam pro offers exclusive HD streaming that improves on the image and the two-way talk feature of the original dropcam HD. Basically the inbuilt Wi-Fi capability enables you to view a remote video feed over the internet, android, and iOS mobile devices or via the dropcam apps in under a minute. No basic charges apply for the viewing. Bluetooth capability further makes the setup much easier allowing you to connect to optical home monitoring accessories. Smooth streaming makes the most of your connection steady and consistent.

Video quality

Quality of the video is an essential factor if monitoring is to be enhanced. With the Dropcam pro, you get high-quality footage. Updated image sensor and new optics provide 2x sharper video make the recording more precise and accurate. Zoom and night vision features further ensure reliance of the camera thus raising the use.

Cloud video recording

The Dropcam pro utilizes cloud recording and storage. This allows you to review footage and eventually make clips by use of the optically secured offsite recording. It is possible to recover and use clips recorded earlier on or even share it for whatever purposes. Cloud storage further allows the storage of an unlimited number of clips which is essential in the tracing of previous activities at any time.

Alert system

A sophisticated alert mechanism has been enhanced to keep you up aware of all activities. Once the device captures footage and any sound, you receive offline alerts through emails and push notifications immediately. This means that you are able to know everything that goes on in and around your space upon occurrence.


Setting up the device is an easy and definite task. You simply need to plug in your camera then launch the Dropcam app on your phone. On completion, you will be able to stream videos and receiving alerts all along.

Smart features

A built-in mic and speaker allows you to communicate with people and pets easily. Similarly, you can set your camera to turn on and off any time that you want.


Most importantly, the Dropcam gives an expansive view with strong lenses that ensure that you enjoy up to 130 degrees view thus improving the view capacity. A further 8x zoom capability promotes the precision of the camera. You can also zoom in on a specific area for the utmost clarity.

With the smart features and enhanced capacity, the Dropcam pro wireless Wi-Fi video monitoring camera is all you need to take surveillance of your entire space to the next level. Once installation is completed, you get full monitoring and access to your space any time of the day wherever you are. This will guarantee you full value for your money. Reliability, convenience, accuracy, and smartness describe the Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring camera

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